Barges Australia

Vessel Specifications

We offer for hire an extensive range of barges, pontoons and punts

Equipment summary

We offer for hire an extensive range of barges, pontoons and punts.

  • All of these vessels are easily transported by road (with the exception of the 9.1 M Steel Barge)
  • Most of the pontoons are of modular design, whereby they can be joined together in various configurations, as well as being used individually.
  • The modular design of the 12.2 M Steel Pontoons is especially useful for building up larger, more substantial barges and work platforms.
  • Marine insurance and public liability covers are in place for all of these vessels
  • Commercial vessel registrations are maintained with the Waterways Authority of NSW.
  • Please let us know by email or phone what it is that you need to achieve, so that we can suggest how our equipment might best meet your requirements.

Related marine equipment available for use with the above vessels includes:

  • Joining gear: steel spacing frames, high tensile bolts and spanners, to facilitate connections
  • Anchors: 50kg to 5,000kg of various types
  • Winches: 1 tonne to 5 tonne deck winches, hand operated
  • Outboard Motors: 5hp to 60hp Yamaha long shaft work motors
  • Life buoys, life jackets and floatation vests
  • Marker buoys and mooring buoys
  • Shapes and signals
  • Gangways and ramps
  • Shackles and sheaves
  • Mooring ropes