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Smaller Pontoons

Various smaller heavy duty steel pontoons, from 3.2m to 7.3m in length


Various smaller heavy duty steel pontoons, from 3.2m to 7.3m in length, are available for hire where smaller capacity requirements and tight access work is involved. These vessels include:

The following details are for the 5.2 metre ‘Uniflote’ steel pontoons, which are but one example of our range of smaller steel pontoons:

‘Uniflote’ pontoons

  • These are modular units which can be joined together side-to-side, end-to-end, and at right angles. Thus they can produce a variety of small barge configurations.
  • All steel construction, with heavy internal framing and 3 watertight compartments.
  • Each Pontoon is 5.26m long x 2.44m wide x 1.22m high.
  • Draft without load is approximately 300mm.
  • Freeboard without load is approximately 900mm.
  • Weight (light) is approximately 3.4 tonnes.
  • Carrying capacity is stated to be up to 10 tonnes. However, if using one unit by itself, stability considerations will significantly reduce this, and a raft of 2 or more pontoons will greatly improve the stability and carrying capacity of the barge.

‘Uniflote’ Bow/Stern Units

  • These can be joined to the pontoons, to provide a “swim end” on the barge and extend its deck area by modules 1.83 m long and 2.44 m wide.