Barges Australia

Punts & Workboats


Heavy duty steel punts / workboats can be hired in 3 sizes, as summarised by the following table:

These are robust vessels, designed for heavy duty work in water based construction projects. They are very stable, almost indestructible and virtually unsinkable due to built in buoyancy tanks. They are suitable for a wide range of work applications, and are especially suitable for tight access and shallow draft work.

They have substantial capacities to carry personnel and equipment. People can work out of these punts off three levels: from the bottom of the boat, top of the end seats, or top of the side tanks.

The punts make very useful workboats / site utility vessels when they are fitted with longshaft outboard motors. Yamaha work motors are available for hire with these vessels, in sizes ranging from 5 HP to 60 HP. When the workboats are used to shift pontoons / barges on site, it is usually better to lash up and push the barge rather than towing it.

These vessels are readily transported by a small truck. If a crane is not available on site, then mobilisation / demobilisation is best handled by a crane truck.

The following are details for the 5 metre steel punt / workboat, which is the largest of the three sizes available:

  • Length (nominal) 5 m
  • Length (overall) 6.25 m
  • Beam (overall width) 2.5 m
  • Depth (overall height) 830 mm
  • Mean Draft (light) 290 mm
  • Mean Draft (loaded 550 mm
  • Weight (light) 2.4 tonnes
  • Carrying Capacity up to 2.4 tonnes
  • Suitable propulsion one 15 to 60 HP longshaft work motor

When used as a powerboat, the maximum number of persons on board must be restricted to 6 people.